Welcome to AsianCuts, we make haircut videos

Welcome to AsianCuts, we make haircut videos

Welcome to AsianCuts, we make haircut videosWelcome to AsianCuts, we make haircut videosWelcome to AsianCuts, we make haircut videos

Vid 758 Trailer

Pretty Genalyn goes from very long to very short

New Videos 1/18/2020

Vid 757 – Jennyline-10 Long To Undercut Bob


  Jennyline returns.  Back on Vid 441 she cut her very long hair to a mid-ear bob.  Her hair has grown long again.  And today she wants another bob, this time chin length and with an undercut.  We make a part above the ears and hold the top hair in a ponytail.  Mini clippers buzz everything below the part to the skin.  She and her friends are quite amazed with the new undercut.  Shaving cream is added and the undercut is shaved smooth.  The top hair is dropped and scissors start on dry hair.  Both sides are cut to chin length first.  The back is cut last finishing this bob.  A quick blow dry and cleanup of a few strays and Jennyline's cut is complete.  She looks great in her undercut bob. 

Vid 758 – Genalyn Very Long To Very Short


  Genalyn starts today with very long hair.  She will finish the day with very short hair.  A ponytail is gathered a bit up the nape and snipped off with scissors.  This cut was supposed to start with the No. 2 clippers buzzing the sides and back.  This new cutter puts on the No. 1 blades instead taking the right side super close.  I think this is where this cutter actually broke my Oster 76 clippers by changing the blades with the motor running.  The buzzing continues until the back and sides are less than 1/4”.  The top is still longer until it is cut scissor over comb on wet hair.  Scissors blend the top with the buzzed back and sides.  We go back with the No. 1 blades on the left side and back to match the right side.  Genalyn's cut ended a bit shorter than planned.  She still looks great in her new very short cut.  
  Second camera footage available on this video. 

Vid 759 – Elsa Bowlcut To Flattop


  Elsa is back for her second cut of the day.  On Vid 754 her long hair was cut into a cute shattered bowl cut.  Now she will go much shorter.  After her bowl cut she got her color down is a deep red.  The barber started with guarded clippers just past the bangs, as he pushes straight back.  The sides and back are buzzed short as well.  The guard is removed and the sides and back are buzzed close.  The top back center is buzzed super short as well dictating the length of the flattop.  Scissors cut the top down to the final flattop.  Shaving cream is added and the back and sides are shaved smooth.  Elsa has quite a day starting with long black hair, getting a shattered bowl cut, dyeing that deep red, and finally getting a shaved flattop.  She looks amazing throughout all of her cuts.  
  Second camera footage available on this video. 

Vid 760 – Emily3 Long To Bald


  Emily comes to us today with long thick hair with layers.  Today she is ready to shave her head.  The barber starts with scissors and come on dry hair.  The long hair is cropped short, filling the cape.  Soon all of her long hair is either in her lap or on the floor.  Bare clippers are next going straight down the middle.  It doesn't take long to buzz all of her hair to stubble.  Shaving cream is added and a straight razor removes any remaining stubble.  All of Emily's long hair now covers the floor.  She smiles as she sees her new shaved look.  
  Second camera footage available on this video. 

New Videos 1/4/2020

Vid 753 – Veronica2 Very Long To Bob


  Veronica comes to us today with lovely very long straight hair.  Not wanting to go too short, she has selected a chin length bob as her new cut.  The barber starts with scissors on dry hair cutting the right side to chin length.  The left side gets the same treatment leaving the hair in back still long.  Scissors and then inverted clippers cut the remaining hair, exposing an inch of the hairline.  Clippers touch up the line of this short bob.  Shaving cream is added and the exposed nape is shaved smooth.  A quick blow dry and scissors trim any stragglers.  Veronica looks great in her new short bob. 

Vid 754 – Elsa Medium To Bowlcut


  Pretty Elsa comes to us today with long thick hair.  She will get two cuts today.  The first will be a Rihanna inspired bowl cut.  We start with a high ponytail at the back.  Clippers buzz off the ponytail.  Bare clippers take over buzzing a super high undercut all around.  The hair is then cut wet with scissors.  Point cutting is used to give a soft line to the bowl cut.  The barber goes around one more time to clean up any strays.  A blow dry is next to really play up the bowl shape.  Elsa looks amazing in her new bowl cut.  In a couple weeks we will see if she looks equally amazing as she gets color and goes much shorter. 

Vid 755 – Margie2 Very Long To Flattop


  Margie starts today with very long straight hair and a beautiful smile.  This brave young lady has requested a flattop as her new haircut.  We start with a high ponytail.  The barber buzzes this off with clippers.  With a guard attached, the barber starts at the center top and buzzes straight back to establish the length of the flattop.  Clippers then buzz the sides and back nice and close.  Not close enough as the bare clippers buzz the sides and back to the skin.  Scissors take over on top reducing the remaining hair to flattop length.  Shaving cream is added to the sides and back and they are shaved smooth.  Trimmer clippers blend the top to the shaved sides and back.  Margie smiles as she sees and touches her new flattop for the first time. 

Vid 756 – Jennifer11 Long To Bald


  Jennifer comes to us today with long thick hair.  She has watched with great interest as other models have gotten their haircuts.  Now it is her turn and she is ready to go all in.  She wants to shave her head.  She parts her hair in the center and we decide to use this part.  The barber uses mini clippers to buzz just left of center, straight back.  This continues until the entire left side is shaved to the scalp.  She says she feels “malamig” (cold) with half of her hair missing.  We then shave the left side with a straight razor.  The whole shop has a good laugh at her half shaved look.  Mini clippers buzz off the right side next.  Shaving cream and a straight razor shave it smooth as well.  Jennifer smiles and laughs as she sees her newly shaved head.  She seems very happy with her new look. 

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